Innovative features that makes G6 Networks Unique

Plug and Play

Devices that, once connected to a network, automatically find each other and start private blockchain networks, simplifying the setup process.

Private Storage

Offers secure and confidential storage of sensitive information, separate from the blockchain, ensuring scalability, speed, data integrity and security.


G6 Devices provide administrators and users a dashboard to access all features.

Path Tracing

A unique ZK based feature allowing transaction tracking across blockchains, enhancing transparency and accountability, especially for financial transactions. Anyone trying to transact to an illicit address will be undeniably marked and reported.


Offers the creation of private blockchain networks that can still communicate with other chains, maintaining privacy without sacrificing connectivity.

Zk Protocols

Enhances data privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive information is protected while allowing for verifiable transactions.

Official NTFs

From Land Ownership Records and Verifiable Certifications, G6 Chains cover use-cases for generic government needs. Transparent and tamper-proof record-keeping for the masses.

Polkadot Integration

Ensures interoperability with the Polkadot ecosystem, facilitating communication between private and public blockchains.

Substrate Framework

Allows for high customization levels, enabling the adjustment of consensus mechanisms, governance models, and other blockchain components.

24/7 Support

Robust support infrastructure to provide timely assistance and ensure the smooth operation of blockchain networks.

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