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What is G6 Networks?

G6 simplify blockchain adoption for governments, banks, and enterprises. Our groundbreaking solution bridges traditional institutions with Web3. With our G6 devices, powered by Substrate and Polkadot, we offer secure, distributed, and cross-chain infrastructures while Enhanced Proof-of-Authority consensus ensures reliability. Prioritizing Zero-Knowledge security protocols and private data storage, we guarantee integrity and efficiency.

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Cutting edge technology for decentralized security

Our security ensures the protection of on chain digital assets, transactions, and all personal information from unauthorized access, fraud and manipulation.

Minimized complexity, reduced barriers to entry, and enhanced user experience, making products and services more accessible.
Decentralization distributes power, authority, and decision-making away from a central authority, fostering resilience, inclusivity, and innovation within systems.
Scalability enables systems to efficiently handle growing demands, traffic, and resources without compromising our performance or reliability.

The Brains Grinding Behind G6

With diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to excellence, we collaborate to turn G6 Networks into reality and deliver exceptional results for a Private and Secure Network.
David Pethes (Six)
Chief Architect, CTO
Gabor Bovai
Business Development
Attila Vágvölgyi (Wigy)
Substrate Core Developer Lead
Johan Doque
OS Developer
Sergey Gerodes
Senior Substrate Developer
Andrés David Duque Cadena
Frontend Developer
Thomas Nemeth
Zain Khan
Business Developer, Advisor
Endre Abraham (Silur)
ZK Architect, Cryptographer, Advisor
Andras Szommer
Backend Engineer
Viktor Venczel
Support and Technical Advisor

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Secure and decentralized dePIN data solution on a global blockchain network.
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